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Sharing to start

Vegetable pates with olives and warm pita bread 8,50 €
Vegetable gyozas with carob teriyaki sauce 12,00 €
Boiled potatoes with red and green mojo sauce 8,50 €
Sweet potato croquettes with hazelnut and “Tetilla” cheese 8,50 €
Lentil falafel kebab with Kalamata pate and yogurt sauce 14,00 €
Shamarkanda roll: Tempura uramaki roll with salmon, avocado, dry figs and home-made carrob teriyaki sauce 13,00 €
California sushi roll of flambéed salmon with smoked fish, kanikama salad, masago and cucumber 14,00 €

And from the bazaar of Siab

the freshest thing

Quinoa salad with seeds, crunchy nori seaweed and bulgur croquettes 14,00 €
Beetroot and roasted carrot tartar with tomatoes confit and garlic bread 13,00 €
Quinoa, wild rice and cous-cous poke bowl with tempe, pak choi, kale, enoki mushroom, edamame and radish. Comes with mango vinaigrette dressing and corn salt 15,00 €

From the far east

to the mediterranean.

Slow cooked pork belly bao with tonkatsu sauce 5,80 €
King prawn bao with shrimp bearnaise and kimchi mayonaise 6,30 €
Smoked marinated tofu bao with red miso mayonnaise 5,80 €


with the best of every corner of the world.

Galician beef entrecotte steak with machego cheese and potato gratin 23,00 €
Beef stewed in black beer served with mashed yucca and roasted vegetables 16,00 €
Grilled sea bass with wild rice and “romescu” sauce 18,00 €
Salmon tartar with wakame seaweed, masago, chives, onion and asparagus 19,00 €
Red curry with sautéed vegetables and rice noodles 15,00 €
with tofu (15,00 €), with chicken (15,00 €), with cuttlefish and squid ink (16,00 €)

A sweet end of the journey

Chocolate brownie in three textures/em> 7,00 €
Manchego cheesecake with quince jam 6,00 €
Coconut tapioca with Ibizan mango chutney 5,50 €



Please note that dishes may vary slightly on the day of your visit. We also offer daily specials.

Shamakranda Cocktails

Remoxus 10,00 €
Beetroot, rum emulsion with lemon verbena, mint and lime juice
Mezcal Mule 12,00 €
Mezcal, lime juice, ginger beer, mango and ginger foam with lime zest
Recuerdos del pasado 10,00 €
Cachaça, passion fruit, lime, vanilla sugar, ginger, ginger-ale
Bolshoi Gin 10,00 €
Basil, gin emulsified with rosemary, yuzu juice, ginger ale, orange shortening
Mojito 8,00 €
With other seasonal fruit 9,00 €
Daikiri 8,00 €
With other seasonal fruit 9,00 €
Caipirinha 8,00 €
Margarita 8,00 €
Sangria glass 8,00 €
With white wine, red wine or cava
Michelada 7,00 €